We are a Love and Lifestyle Brand and our passion is Relationships. We work with, inspire and mentor singles as well as couples.

We asked ourselves three questions: Why we do it? What we do?  How we do it?


Currently there is a 50/50 chance your relationship will survive. No one should be comfortable with these odds. We should all be focused on how to attack this epidemic!

–         Fractured families –torn between two households the affects can be devastating. Poor test scores in school, age of anxiety, crime, drugs, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, poverty, failing health, lost interpersonal skills and the list goes on.

What?We help you ignite your relationships!


Unless we change our skill set and our attitude towards relationships and marriage we will all be on the losing end of society. We need to change our position and our line of thinking when it comes to our relationships.


We believe individuals and families suffer when relationships are fractured and we aim to do something about it. It is our mission and our commitment to fellow human beings to protect relationships and support them.

We do this through our innovative products and services and you will find there is no other company like ours on the face of the planet.

Our products and services are built around the concept of creating bonds and experiences to last a lifetime.

We are CHANGE Pioneers, we are CHANGE Enthusiasts!

What we believe – It is our belief that in order to get out of a rut you need 3 things:

–        change up your lifestyle

–        get a new skill set

–        embrace new information

Things we stand for

–        gaining more knowledge to support the desired outcome

–        self – challenges

–        recognizing the uniqueness men & women bring to a relationship

–        ending the power struggle between alpha & beta


Things we stand against

–        bad relationship advice

–        people leading the seeker of a relationship astray

–        the hype that men & women are the same


Let me ask you two questions:

Who do you want to be?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?



It’s an honor and privilege to help you align better with your spouse!

We are extra excited to help you meet the love of your life!

We are on fire for relationships and we want YOU to be too!


leslie schuh




Myth #1

It’s About Me Being Happy

Myth #2

It Takes Two

Myth #3

 I Don’t Have To Change

Myth #4

It’s About Feelings

Myth # 5

Appearance Doesn’t Matter

Myth #6

Shame Is A Bad Thing