Mapping Mentorship


Yes – you can protect your peace,

challenge yourself and have the relationship you desire.


But you need a clear plan!

Around here we believe talk is cheap so you won’t get anything that isn’t: Practical, Actionable and Achievable

Mind set shift – get up and move to another seat? ha you get up and move, I’m not budging

Ego is the name of the game and I’m out to win it

What voids?  There are no voids in my life

Everything in my life makes perfect sense, just ask my friends

I won’t settle for anything less than a perfect human specimen

You’ve got 60 seconds to impress me… now GO!

Confidence is overrated

Self – esteem won’t win me any competitions

Control freak syndrome is in right now

Anger will shut them up; no anger will scare the hell out of them!

The woe is me trap, hard luck Charlie has given up on himself

What you mean old sweats and a limp handshake won’t get the job done?

It doesn’t matter if I expect more than I bring to the table, right?

Stock goes up and stock goes down in the marketplace – What’s your per share price?

She doesn’t respect me

He doesn’t understand me

The true story behind alpha & beta

I always speak my mind and it doesn’t matter who’s listening

Blended families are a foreign affair

Boredom doesn’t lead to trouble, said no one ever

Geez out take a breath between your words

You wouldn’t talk if you had a mouthful of @^*!

I don’t need a man, I am SHE woman, hear me roar!!

I’m getting used to being single – “way less drama and I can do what I want, well ya know, until I want someone to do something with”

She never wants to have sex, she makes me work for it

Sex, sex, sex that’s all he wants

Control and jealousy is for fools, I pity the fool (got that one from Mr. T)

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